Best coffee in capsules

Best coffee in capsules, Saida Gusto Espresso

Do you want to know what is the best capsule coffee of 2019? We discuss this in our article today, explaining what the benefits of a single-serving capsule are. From convenience to speed of use to its typical goodness, the advantage of capsule coffee lies in the ability to make your own Italian espresso at home, as if you were at the coffee shop.

Let’s start by saying that in order to choose the best capsule coffee, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Happy reading…

Best capsule coffee 2019: let’s talk about espresso

While many still prefer pods, opting for the
coffee pod machines
, it is also true that the introduction of capsules has revolutionized the way coffee is consumed. Contributing, in fact, to the growing popularity of Italians’ most beloved drink: Italian espresso.

How do you make espresso? By pressure, forcing hot water through finely ground grains in less than 25 seconds. The result? A full-bodied, bold coffee, over which its foam, known as crema, towers. The benefits of a capsule?

You don’t have to weigh the coffee or dab it. Again, there is no need to bring the water to temperature or worry about the coffee extraction happening at the right speed. It all happens automatically, making sure that you can save time and can enjoy a coffee that is as good as the coffee at the bar.

Characteristics of coffee capsules

Now watch this. Before we delve into our topic, let us understand what the characteristics of coffee capsules are.

First, it should be known that the term capsule refers to the physical container of coffee, made of plastic and covered with an aluminum foil seal.

Inside, there is ground coffee. As you surely know, coffee grinding is part of the coffee processing. In fact, coffee was born in beans. The latter, after being harvested, are processed, roasted and ground. Ready to give us that unmistakable much-loved flavor.

Again, if you want to make perfect espresso, remember on an informational level that the water should not be boiling. The ideal temperature is between 88-96°C.

Its slight variation basically depends on the coffee machine and the type of coffee you are using.

Finally, capsules can be either closed or open system. Let’s see what this is all about.

Best capsule coffee 2019: open or closed systems?

Here’s another thing to know when you want to buy the best capsule coffee. To date, there are numerous systems (referred to as closed systems) on the market that do not allow for brand switching. In practice, this means that only one brand of capsule can be used for some coffee machines. That is why it is preferable to choose open systems. Because then a wide range of products can be used, since there are so many brands that produce compatible capsules.

A great advantage of compatible capsules is that they are very easy to find. In addition, capsule coffee has lower prices. That is why, even before buying the coffee machine, it is wise to choose the best capsule.

Coffee capsules: here are the best brands

And now here are what are the best compatible and original capsules to date that can also be purchased online:

  • Lavazza coffee in original capsules. Lavazza capsule coffee is the result of selecting the highest quality beans from around the world. The well-known Italian brand is renowned for creating precious blends for unique espresso with an unmistakable taste and intense aroma.
  • Original Bialetti capsules and Bialetti compatible capsules. Available in both original and compatible versions, these blends are perfect for starting the day or for a tasteful break. With a strong, assertive and intense flavor, Bialetti capsules create a creamy blend that is essential for starting your day with an extra kick!
  • Nespresso compatible capsules. Among the best known and most appreciated by Italians. SA.I.DA. compatible capsules give high quality, tasty and creamy coffee. For a moment of pure pleasure, at any time of the day, you can buy SA.I.DA. capsules by taking advantage of the continuous offers on our online Shop!

And here we come to the end of our article on the best capsule coffee 2019! Keep following our blog to stay up-to-date on all industry news. See you next time!

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