Caffè Borbone Respresso: Nespresso compatible capsules

Caffè Borbone Respresso: Nespresso compatible capsules, Saida Gusto Espresso

With the Respresso line, Caffè Borbone brings the scent of real Neapolitan coffee to Nespresso machines-a production that has immediately found favor with the public since its first releases.

There are as many as five different variants of Nespresso-compatibleBorbone brand coffees on the market, classic blends from the lively Neapolitan roasting company: Miscela Rossa, Nera, Blu, Oro and Decaffeinato. A combination of different flavors, sensations and capsule coffee experiences, embracing and agreeing on a bit of the whole Italian territory for a reality now established as one of the most promising companies in the coffee industry.

Behind the production of Caffè Borbone Respresso is L’Aromatika S.r.l., a company that has been operating since 1997, which, compared to the large historical Italian roasters, has been able to make a name for itself by focusing early on specializing in single-serving coffee in pods and capsules and on the excellent quality/price ratio of its products.

All Nespresso compatibles produced by Caffè Borbone use the same black plastic capsule suitable for food contact, which is very high-performing due to the characteristic technical solution placed on the base of it. The cap of the capsule is also made of electro-welded aluminum foil to ensure a release of brewed coffee equal to an original Nespresso.

The capsule blends
Borbone Respresso
for Nespresso system are thus:

Red Blend: espresso with a vigorous and energetic taste, ideal for those who love coffee with a strong flavor.

Blue Blend: full-bodied coffee typical of any roasted Neapolitan coffee with a burnished hazelnut color and hints of dried fruit that anticipate its cocoa flavor.

Black Blend: coffee made by combining Arabica and Robusta varieties and with a soft, velvety crema.

Miscela Oro: espresso with a golden crema and representing the finest of the Borbone blends where the complexity of aromas gives a satisfying taste experience.

Decaffeinated Blend: decaffeinated aromatic espresso coffee (also called “green blend”) with a caffeine content of no more than 0.1 percent by weight on dry product and with a taste comparable to an espresso extracted from non-decaffeinated coffees.

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