Caffè Borbone, the king of coffee goes green!

Caffè Borbone, the king of coffee goes green!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Everyone knows the excellence of Borbone coffee, but not everyone may know that for some time now this major player in the single-serving coffee field, both nationally and internationally, has turned its attention to environmental protection and especially biodiversity. Borbone coffee goes Green and does it its own way, in the name of excellence and quality!

It is no coincidence that, especially in recent years, environmental issues are increasingly the focus of attention and common feeling. This growing sensitivity inevitably brings with it a gradual yet irreversible reversal of the trend, the global significance of which it is important to emphasize.

Caffè Borbone, close to the environment

The well-known Italian brand has long focused its attention on a finished product, whether Borbone coffee pod s or capsules, that respects the environment as much as possible.

Thus was born the compostable wafer, that is, a wafer that encompasses a double life. In fact, if on the one hand Borbone wafers make it possible to obtain a quality product, on the other hand they give the possibility of safeguarding the environment by presenting a product made with organic material that can become, through a biological process, compost that can be exploited to fertilize the soil.

Choose your Borbone coffee online

Today you can choose and purchase your coffee pods conveniently online and get a quality product that has in it the pleasure of the taste of real Italian espresso and safety even after its use, all without having to give up a rich variety of blends:

Borbone Rosso 44mm ESE Paper Filter Pods: for those who want a strong, bold, full-bodied espresso to start the day off right!

Borbone Nero 44mm ESE 44mm Paper Filter Pods: a blend roasted to perfection for a unique, bold coffee.

Borbone Blu ESE 44mm Paper Filter Pods: for a full-bodied, energetic Neapolitan espresso to enjoy alone or in company!

Borbone Oro ESE 44mm Paper Filter Pod s: why settle for it when you can have the ultimate expression of Neapolitan tradition for yourself? Borbone Oro, only for true connoisseurs.

Borbone Verde Decaffeinated ESE 44mm Paper Filter Pods: the right choice for those who want, at any time of the day, all the sweetness of real Italian espresso but… decaffeinated!

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