Caffitaly compatible capsules: your coffee, your home!

Caffitaly compatible capsules: your coffee, your home!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Caffitaly-compatible capsules produced by SA.I.DA. are born from the perfect combination of the best SA.I.DA. coffee and the modern Caffitaly System coffee machine system.

This Italian coffee brand, which has been in business since 2004, thanks to years of research and study in this area, has developed top-quality coffee machines that ensure that consumers always have a perfect drink, at the right temperature, creamy and, above all, available in a matter of moments.

Caffitaly capsules: Espresso Bar SA.I.DA.

The long-lived and proven quality of Caffitaly is complemented by the possibility of using Caffitaly compatible capsules from SA.I.DA. the Sicilian company, and from Palermo specifically, which offers to meet the needs of its customers the Espresso Bar blend. Ideal for those who want to enjoy a strong, bold, creamy and flavorful coffee born from the perfect and balanced roasting of the best coffee beans, chosen with care, attention and proven experience in the industry, Espresso Bar is the perfect choice any time of day.

SA.I.DA.’s Espresso Bar compatible capsules, made for the Caffitaly system, are perfect for the best start to your day, to give you a boost in the morning with their strong taste, or to break up your daily routine during the day, thanks to their balanced taste that always makes them the best choice, for a coffee to be consumed alone or in company.

Choose your Caffitaly compatible capsules

On you have the possibility to choose, from the comfort of your home, the best format for your needs, from the small one composed of 96 capsules to the maxi pack that contains inside 576 Caffitaly System compatible capsules.

Whether you need them to enjoy a good Italian espresso at home or for the office, to give your colleagues or clients the best coffee ever, with you can always buy at the best price on the net, combining top quality and assured savings in one solution.

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