Coffee in Italy: from coffee beans to coffee pods, where does our tradition come from?

Coffee in Italy: from coffee beans to coffee pods, where does our tradition come from?, Saida Gusto Espresso

Coffee is a beloved drink worldwide, but in Italy, it holds a special importance. Coffee culture in Italy is famous, with coffee bars and cafés being a constant presence in every city. But where does this tradition of coffee in Italy come from?

The origin of coffee in Italy dates back to the seventeenth century, when trade between Italy and the countries of the Mediterranean brought coffee to Europe. Initially considered an exotic and expensive drink, coffee soon became a popular beverage among the Italian elites. In the nineteenth century, coffee became accessible to the working classes as well, thanks to the invention of the espresso machine.

But what are the innovations that have allowed the spread of coffee in Italy and the birth of the coffee culture that we know today?
Coffee in Italy: from coffee beans to coffee pods, where does our tradition come from?, Saida Gusto Espresso

The evolution of coffee machines: from Moka to Lavazza automatic coffee machine

The first espresso machines were invented in the late nineteenth century, but it was only with the invention of the lever machine in 1948 that espresso coffee began to spread nationwide. From then on, the coffee machine has continuously evolved, up to the famous and iconic Moka Bialetti (which you can read more about in this article).

The Moka Bialetti is an iconic Italian stove-top coffee maker, invented in 1933 by designer Alfonso Bialetti. It has been a reference point in Italian coffee culture for over 80 years and has contributed to spreading the culture of espresso coffee throughout the world. Its recognizable shape and ease of use have made the Moka Bialetti an iconic design element, present in many homes and bars around the world. The coffee maker is made of aluminum and consists of three parts: a base that contains water, a metal filter where ground coffee is placed, and an upper part where freshly brewed espresso is collected. The Moka Bialetti has become an integral part of Italian coffee tradition and culture, and continues to be used worldwide as a symbol of taste and conviviality.

Times are changing and modern automatic coffee machines are arriving, such as the one produced by the Italian company Lavazza.

The Lavazza coffee machine is an automatic coffee machine capable of preparing an excellent espresso with the simplicity of a single button. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the Lavazza coffee machine can automatically dose the amount of coffee and water needed to obtain a perfect espresso, always guaranteeing the right pressure and temperature of the water.

To prepare espresso with the Lavazza coffee machine, simply insert a coffee pod into the appropriate drawer and press a single button: the machine will take care of everything else. Coffee pods have become increasingly popular in Italian coffee culture in recent years, thanks to their convenience and the quality of coffee they allow you to obtain.
Coffee in Italy: from coffee beans to coffee pods, where does our tradition come from?, Saida Gusto Espresso

Coffee pods and automatic machines: the modernization of coffee consumption in Italy

In recent years, coffee consumption in Italy has evolved thanks to the introduction of coffee pods and automatic coffee machines. These innovative products have brought a revolution in the way Italians drink their coffee.

Coffee pods have become very popular because they are convenient to use and produce a perfect cup of coffee every time. In addition, there are many varieties of coffee available in pod form, satisfying all consumers’ tastes. The compatibility of coffee pods with automatic machines has made coffee consumption even easier, as the preparation process is completely automated.
Coffee in Italy: from coffee beans to coffee pods, where does our tradition come from?, Saida Gusto Espresso

Saida Gusto Espresso: the new frontier of coffee capsules for a perfect cup

Saida Gusto Espresso’s compatible capsules are revolutionizing the world of coffee capsules. These capsules are designed for those who want to enjoy a high-quality espresso directly at home without sacrificing the convenience of the capsule.

Saida Gusto Espresso uses only the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from different parts of the world, selected and roasted using the best artisanal techniques. In this way, every cup of coffee prepared with Saida Gusto Espresso capsules offers a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

Saida Gusto Espresso capsules are compatible with most coffee machines on the market, making them extremely versatile and easy to use. In addition, thanks to their hermetic packaging, the coffee inside the capsules remains fresh and intense even after several months from production.

But Saida Gusto Espresso capsules don’t just offer high-quality coffee. Thanks to their innovative technology, these capsules are able to guarantee a perfect cup, with a dense and full-bodied cream and an intense aroma. Furthermore, thanks to the precise coffee dosage in each capsule, you always get the right amount of coffee for a perfect cup.

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