Coffee pod machines: how to choose them?

Coffee pod machines: how to choose them?, Saida Gusto Espresso

If you are looking for coffee pod machines, and you don’t know what features they should have, this article is for you. Tank capacity, style and ease of use are just some of the requirements that cannot be missed. Let’s find out together which are the most popular pod coffee machines, so you never have to give up a tasty break and the
beneficial effects of coffee

Coffee pod machines, watch out for capacity

First, when you want to buy a pod coffee machine, you need to consider the capacity of the water tank. Why? To realize how many consecutive coffees you can make without worrying about constantly adding water. If you are thinking about coffee machines that make two at the same time, remember that some models do not distribute the coffee quite equally among the coffee cups.

Brands and style of coffee pod machines

Consider this. To date major brands such as:

  • Faber
  • Lavazza
  • Didiesse
  • Grimak
  • Bialetti
  • Lollo coffee

have made different types of machines for their customers, which are also readily available online. Certainly you can also find inexpensive models in commerce, but the question is: Is the coffee equally good? In our opinion, the ideal solution is to always try to get a coffee machine that reflects the best value for money.

Again? If you are a lover of design consider that most of the best brands produce coffee machines with attractive lines and a thousand colors, to satisfy the tastes of all lovers of good Italian espresso coffee! Read on to find out what our proposed…

Ease of use of pod coffee machines

Taken at the bar and done by those with expertise in the field, it seems really simple. Using a pod coffee maker optimally (considering: levers, buttons, and filters) can reveal a few surprises. That’s why it’s important to opt for “simple” models that are easy to use, or better said: childproof!

Let’s talk about speed and trays

Similarly, among the many characteristics, it is also important to evaluate speed. Typically, the machines take less than 15 seconds, unlike the cheaper ones (which can take up to 30 seconds before they stop dripping altogether).

Given the above, the drip tray also has its importance. What to consider? Ease with which the tray is raised and removed, avoiding spilling coffee everywhere.

Based on the above, let’s look together at some models of pod coffee machines that can meet your needs. So here are the best coffee pod machines affordable prices and high quality!

Faber coffee machine

So, let’s start with the Faber coffee machine. These are certainly products with modern and compact designs, available in many colors. Coffee machines, ideal for home use as well as for an office or studio, are characterized by clean, straightforward lines and a solid, sturdy structure with perfect dimensions! This pod coffee machine is exploitable with all ESE pods, which are the classic 44 mm paper filter pods.

In addition, Faber’s models are available in many colors. Generally these are two colors, namely: one for the central part and another for the side shells. The different shades, from the softest to the most cheerful, will fit perfectly in any environment!

Grimac coffee machine

Similarly, Grimac, a leading company with 30 years’ experience in the industry, also presents
Grimac coffee machines
capable of ensuring excellent coffee in the cup. The company holds more than 20 patents, a tangible sign of constant research and innovation. The prominent models in pods are the Terry and the Dada (the latter with two arms).

Terry coffee machine
is ideal for both home and office use, standing out for ease of use and reliability of the machine itself. Prominent among its features are:

  • 3-liter tank
  • Built-in water purifier
  • Brass heat exchange system
  • Power W 550
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Thermostat 98 degrees
  • ABS and metal bodywork

Terry is also available in a variety of colors, which are cheerful and perfectly matchable with any decor.

Didiesse Coffee Machine

Certainly among the most popular is the little machine.
Frog Didiesse
, beautiful to look at and very easy to use. Available in numerous colors, here are its features:

  • Only 6.5 kg in weight
  • 650 watts of power
  • Curvy and compact lines
  • Absence of tank

With Didiesse Frog, coffee is not only good and creamy but also has the perfect temperature. In addition, the ability to directly insert the water bottle, which is not a very common factor, helps prevent limescale from building up inside the tank.

These are our suggestions for choosing the best pod coffee machines on the market today. We hope you found this article useful, see you next time!

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