DIY Coffee Pod Holder

DIY Coffee Pod Holder, Saida Gusto Espresso

A couple of ideas on how to get a personalized coffee pod holder

Drinking good coffee is always a pleasure, and when pods are used the chances of enjoying this moment increase given the convenience and speed of use of the coffee machines now found in many homes.

The many family-size pack offerings, coupled with the desire to have different flavors and types available, sometimes result in the accumulation of a large number of coffee pods, which can cause space problems.
Waffle holders that can be purchased in the market, especially wooden ones equipped with drawers, come in different types. But what if we wanted to build a custom one ourselves to save some money or simply for the pleasure of testing our imagination and our DIY side?

Let’s look at some ideas on how to build a custom DIY waffle holder.

DIY wooden waffle holder

A wooden waffle stand is definitely a great solution and in some cases not even too complicated to build. We can, for example, recover a wooden board and carve one or more parallel grooves, thanks to a milling machine or a drill with specific drill bits, in which we are going to lay the coffee capsules.

Another method is to use some chipboard: we will have to obtain a base on which to hoist two panels lengthwise and arranged to create a 90° angle, and then cut the remaining panels to make shelves to attach to the structure that will serve as shelves for the capsules. This is a slightly more time-consuming and labor-intensive process than the previous one, but the satisfaction when the work is done and the end result can truly surprise.

DIY Coffee Pod Holder, Saida Gusto Espresso

DIY cardboard waffle holder

Another less expensive but equally valuable system is to use paper patterns. In this case, we will have to get some cards or even simple A4 size sheets, which we will cut out and assemble with the help of scissors and glue, in order to obtain a kind of mugs or otherwise custom-designed capsule holders for our coffee pods.

Coffee capsule holders: alternative methods

Finally, for the more imaginative, we recommend less conventional solutions for having your own modern and personalized waffle stand. These include using lei Lego to create containers, perhaps multicolored, or getting a cloth capsule holder.
Another quick and easy way is to recycle old containers or used packaging, which can be painted with tempera paints or otherwise decorated as desired.

DIY Coffee Pod Holder, Saida Gusto Espresso

Coffee from the best brands in pods

Once we have built our DIY capsule holder and with the coffee machine ready to go into action there is only one thing missing: the pods! Visit our site to find coffee accessories and the best coffee pod brands including Borbone, SA.I.DA, Lollo caffè, Covim and many others.

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