How many coffees can you drink per day?

How many coffees can you drink per day?, Saida Gusto Espresso


As is now well known, coffee is the world’s most widely drunk beverage and the most loved by Italians. We often wonder, however, what is the right amount of coffee that one can drink per day without risking one’s health.

We will therefore try to give an answer to this question.

According to a study conducted by Dr. Sebastiano Marra, director of the cardiovascular department at Maria Pia Hospital in Turin, Italy, one can drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day. The study of 13 thousand people found that: coffee drinkers (more than 80% of respondents) had fewer problems with anxiety, sleep disturbances, heartbeat, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain and shortness of breath. And this is regardless of whether one drinks coffee with caffeine or without, as it is the antioxidants present in coffee that would determine these benefits.

In addition to this all-Italian research, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration-the U.S. government agency that regulates food and pharmaceuticals) have also commented on this issue. The two authorities agree that one can drink up to 4-5 of cups a day, which corresponds to about 400 ml of caffeine, considering that a cup of espresso contains about 80g of caffeine.

Beyond these, there are many other studies showing a correlation between coffee and health benefits. One of these, published in 2012 by the National Institute of Health and conducted on a sample of 400 thousand people aged 50 to 71 years followed over a period that ranged from 1 to 14 years, demonstrated una correlation between coffee consumption and increased longevity. In addition, it was found that coffee can help reduce the risk of developing diseases such as, for example, Parkinson’s, type 2 diabetes, liver and endometrial cancer.

So drinking coffee, without overdoing it, helps us and our bodies!

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