How to descale the coffee machine!

How to descale the coffee machine!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Do you want to know how to descale the coffee machine? Well, then this article is certainly for you. There is no doubt that by using the coffee maker more or less assiduously, limescale can be deposited, impairing its proper functioning. The question then arises, how can it be eliminated? Are modern remedies more effective, or can you opt for a natural limescale remover as an alternative? Let’s find out together! Happy reading…

How to descale the coffee machine: let’s talk about limescale

Here is one of the most common questions asked by those who are forced to deal with this annoying problem: How does limescale form? The latter is present in the water due to the melting of limestone rocks during the journey that takes the water from the spring to the valley. At high temperatures, then, limestone tends to crystallize and precipitate. We can say, more generally, that limescale is caused by water hardness. Therefore, if “hard water” comes out of your home tap, you will inevitably be more prone to cope with this problem.

What to do when limescale hinders the proper functioning of your pod or capsule coffee machine? If it’s not time to change it to a new product, then the solutions we offer are good for all machines. Whether you need to descale

Dolce Gusto

or descale coffee machine
Mokona Bialetti
the possible solutions are basically two. Use descaling agents or resort to natural methods.

Here’s how to descale your coffee machine: descaling agents!

To eliminate limescale, chemical descaling agents can be purchased, which are substances that dissolved in water cooperate in preventing the formation of limescale. Given the intended use of these products and the fact that manufacturers are not required by law to list the ingredients present, it is important to choose carefully.

We recommend that you use the
Sachets of Bilt Eco-friendly Descaler
, ideal for preventing limescale and especially because they are environmentally friendly! They are easy to use, expire regularly (about every 6 months), and are good for the pod and capsule coffee machine:

  • Dissolve the contents found inside one sachet in 1 liter of water
  • Pour the resulting mixture into the water tank
  • Start the descaling cycle, or if this is absent, run the water out as if you were making regular coffee
  • Rinse.

Natural alternatives: vinegar and baking soda?

If you do not want to use descaling sachets, however, you can turn to all-natural solutions. Let’s look at the main ones together:

  • Let’s start by talking aboutvinegar. It is certainly not a dangerous product, but in the long run it can damage the rubber parts of the car, which is why we recommend its occasional use. For periodic descaling, however, citric acid (about 10 g in 1 liter of water) is preferable.
  • Let us continue with bicarbonate. We can say that bicarbonate is not dangerous, pollutes little and is cheap, a factor that certainly does not displease. Despite these merits, however, we cannot say that it is an effective alternative against limescale.

  • Let’s finish withcitric acid. It certainly has a low environmental impact, but it is found with more difficulty. Where to buy it? You can find it in agricultural stores or even in stores specializing in “natural” products. Effective? Indeed!

Coffee machine cleaning and maintenance

Now let’s talk about maintenance. This is a very simple operation, valid for all the machines you can buy on
Saida Espresso Pods
. First, although it may seem like a trivial expedient, you must turn off the coffee machine before cleaning. Done? Now you can remove the limestone filter and water tank, as well as all removable parts, and rinse under running water with a brush.

Dry each individual part and proceed with cleaning the actual machine. Help yourself with a damp cloth, using a little marseille soap dissolved in warm water, and clean the entire outer surface. Once everything is dry you can proceed with reassembling all the individual pieces!


There you have it, that’s all you need to know about how to descale your coffee machine. We hope you enjoyed the article. Keep following us on our blog, see you next time!

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