How to reuse coffee and its grounds

How to reuse coffee and its grounds, Saida Gusto Espresso

There is no question that in a country like Italy, where we all consume so many cups of espresso coffee, it would be an excellent custom to recycle both leftover coffee and coffee grounds. There are many initiatives proposed over time by major brands aimed at reusing this waste material, not the least of which is the collection service for used capsules, proposed by a well-known industry benchmark brand to its consumers, in exchange for a free bag of compost given to them, perfect for making a small urban garden corner at home.

Today, we at, who have always been environmentally conscious, offer you some ideas for reusing leftover coffee and its grounds.

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

Calcium, nitrogen, potassium and magnesium: coffee grounds are rich in minerals. All valuable for fertilizing the soil and feeding plants and leaves at no cost. Simply sprinkle coffee grounds, previously allowed to dry, directly on the soil of your plants and in the vicinity of the roots.

The Home Compost

Leftover coffee or coffee grounds can be used to enrich your compost or potting soil to be used for the your plants at the time of transplanting, especially in case they need to rather acidic soils, a characteristic that coffee will be able to give them because of its ability to release nitrogen into the soil. In addition, it appears to be highly valued by earthworms in the compost as they increase their efficiency in the presence of coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds are also able to keep worms, snails, ants and snails away.

Natural dyeing

By brewing very strong coffee, this can be used to dye cloth or linen or cotton fabrics. In fact, by bringing water to a boil and then adding coffee to it, you will have to soak the garments in it and leave them in the liquid overnight. You can repeat the treatment several times to achieve a more intense hue.

A deodorizer for small rooms and beyond…

You can use some coffee powder stored in a container to prevent odors from forming in your refrigerator. In fact, coffee grounds, as well as baking soda, have the ability to absorb odors inside your refrigerator. Even in closets they can be used to eliminate closed smell or even in the ashtray in the car.

A handy pincushion

After the coffee grounds have dried well, they can be used for stuffing a homemade pincushion made from fabric scraps. Using this powder will prevent pins and needles from rusting over time.

For cleaning the fireplace

Removing ash from the fireplace can sometimes be a problem, when you think about the dust that is kicked up and that goes on everything around it. Sprinkling coffee grounds still damp on it before cleaning will attract it, making it less volatile and preventing it from rising.

Anti-cellulite remedy

Some anti-cellulite creams normally on sale are known to use caffeine as an ingredient in their composition, due to its action on capillary circulation and fluid stagnation. We now offer an all-natural treatment that you can make at home. Simply mix together some coffee grounds with some brown sugar and a little coconut oil. Massage onto areas of concern in circular motions for about 10 minutes before showering two to three times a week.

Coffee for gorgeous hair

For the care and beauty of one’s hair, we suggest you use coffee in different ways. Coffee grounds may be added in the preparation of henna to achieve dark highlights on the hair. If there is leftover coffee, you can instead dilute it with water and with the help of a spray, apply it to your hair for a few minutes before your last shampoo. By repeating the treatment weekly, you can revive the color of your hair by making it increasingly shiny and strengthening it.

The face mask

We also recommend that you use coffee grounds to prepare a face scrub mask. The ingredients you need are: one cup of coffee powder, one cup of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. After mixing well, apply the mask to your neck and face and leave it on until it has dried. At this point rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin will be soft and moisturized

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