How to reuse coffee capsules with a dash of art!

How to reuse coffee capsules with a dash of art!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Some tips on how to recycle coffee capsules

Coffee capsules are becoming increasingly popular and appreciated. This is because, in addition to a practical and time-consuming matter due to an increasingly hectic lifestyle, the quality of the coffee is excellent with nothing to envy from mocha coffee.

But along with so many advantages come issues: one of the main ones is definitely the disposal and recycling of the capsules. In this article we will try to find out how to reuse used coffee capsules of all types and brands.

Coffee capsules: why they are so popular and appreciated

Drinking coffee from the capsule machine is an increasingly popular practice, as there are now so many machines made by the most reputable brands on the market, of all types and available for every price range.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to be able to consume good capsule coffee at the coffee shop, in the office or from the comfort of home, benefiting from time savings without sacrificing taste and quality.
In addition, the trend in recent years has been to produce compatible capsules, meaning they can be used on different brands of coffee machines such as Lavazza, Nescafè, and Bialetti.
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Compared to the pods, the capsules are rigid and have a plastic or aluminum casing, and since they should (only on paper, as we are about to see), be disposable, doubts and questions have arisen about their disposal and possible recycling, even in light of the growing awareness of environmental issues.

How to reuse coffee capsules with a dash of art!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Using used coffee capsules: some tips and tricks

Normally once used they should be thrown in the recycling bin, but there are many ways to reuse coffee capsules from Borbone, Lavazza, Nespresso, Lollo, Covim, and major manufacturers.

The first is definitely to recycle in the true sense of the word the used coffee capsule so that it can be reused.
In fact, once removed from the machine, it will be sufficient to totally remove the top lid of the capsule, wash it thoroughly, and fill it with new coffee to the brim by pressing it down at the end. At this point it will be necessary to reseal the capsule with ordinary silver kitchen paper, making it well adhere to the edges so that it is ready to be used again.

A second alternative on what to do with used coffee capsules is to use them as small pots for seedlings. Again we will need to remove the end that is pierced by the machine, remove the debris and wash the wrapper, and then fill it with potting soil and the seeds of the seedlings or flowers we want to grow and care for.

Additional ideas about used coffee capsules can find application in decoration, such as reusing them as pretty knick-knacks or to embellish the Christmas tree or a centerpiece, perhaps after repainting them as well.
With a little imagination, the capsules can also find new life as toys for your children, used as pawns for board games or even, why not, as stencils.

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