Is coffee better bitter or sweetened?

Is coffee better bitter or sweetened?, Saida Gusto Espresso


By now it is known, coffee for Italians is not only a drink but a real ritual, a cultural fact. But if this consideration unites us, what divides is the choice on how to drink it: bitter or sweetened?

While it is true that this choice is subjective because it is based on each person’s taste, it is fair to make some points, however, about some differences that there are between coffee with or without sugar.

First issue: calories.

A cup of bitter coffee contains just 3. If we sugar it instead, the calories can become as high as 30 (which is the amount contained in one packet of sugar). In addition, coffee is a real “fat burner” because it stimulates metabolism by making it faster. That is, however, as long as it is bitter! In fact, sugar contributes to the elevation of insulin, which almost completely negates the effect of coffee on metabolism. So if you are dieting or watching your figure, should you drink sweetened coffee, consider starting to try it without sugar!

Second issue: flavor.

Sugar is said to help cover the unpleasant taste of coffee when it is not of the highest quality. Nothing could be more false. Sugar, like salt or pepper, is a flavor enhancer. This means that it enhances and accentuates (not covers up) the flavor of the drink; therefore, in the case of a low-quality blend, it will accentuate its flaws!

Third issue: energy.

Everyone knows the beneficial effects of the caffeine in coffee that provides charge and energy. In fact, many people drink it for that very reason. But if caffeine acts immediately on metabolism, providing energy, what if it is accompanied by the presence of sugar in the drink? Many believe that sugar enhances the properties of caffeine, increasing its energy intake. In fact, it is exactly the opposite! Sugary coffee, in fact, increases our body’s insulin levels, causing drowsiness and fatigue. Thus, sugar acts in the opposite way to caffeine! So if you want to recharge, the advice is, again, to opt for a bitter coffee.

So these are the main differences between bitter and sweetened coffee. While it should be acknowledged that the choice is deeply subjective (tastes are tastes) it is also good to know that sometimes the choice to sweeten or not to sweeten the drink comes from the mixture that is used.

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