Italian Craft Beers For Sale At SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso

Italian Craft Beers For Sale At SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso, Saida Gusto Espresso


Looking for Italian craft beers? Want to buy a craft beer but not yet familiar with these products? You are in the right place.

Today we present to you some of the best Italian beers that can be purchased online at SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso, from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes. Want to know what they are? Read on.

Italian craft beers

While there were very few craft breweries in Italy in the 1990s, nowadays there are more than 700. And although it is not possible to say that Italy is synonymous with beer, it is true that in recent years the passion and appreciation for this sector and for artisanal production has been gaining ground, as evidenced by the steady growth of micro-breweries throughout the country.

Thanks to its rich biodiversity and strong connection with the seasons, Italy stands out with its local excellences, completely special and unique productions that focus on the use of unusual or little-known grains, herbs and plants typical of the place where the brewery is located.

The use of the highest quality ingredients and the typical Made in Italy flair allow homegrown breweries to reinterpret different brewing styles providing a unique product.

So let’s see together what are some of the best beers to buy online at SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso.

Dolmen: Sardinian craft beer

Referencing the important megalithic monuments from which they derive their name, Dolmen craft beer was born in Sardinia, in a land that boasts ancient traditions and a story to tell.

The Dolmen production line is born from the skillful combination of carefully selected raw materials and the granite spring water of Sardinia. The result? Unique and simple aromas that speak of an authentic beer.

As tradition dictates, there are no additions, because craft beers must be natural. In fact, Dolmen Brewery offers unfiltered, unpasteurized and bottle- or keg-fermented beers that convey to the drinker the very essence of the Sardinian land.

Pils, Blanche, Ipa, Bock, Ale and Weizen are the craft beers offered by Dolmen Brewery, to be paired according to their specific characteristics all to be discovered.

Carnival Brewery

Carnival Brewery pays homage to the Offidano carnival with its production.

It is a fairly young brand, born in fact in 2013 as BEER FIRM. Of particular note certainly is the Fakir blond ale, which is characterized by the delicate herbaceous and citrus scent given by the European hops used. A craft beer that is drinkable, thirst-quenching and undemanding enough to be perfect for any situation.

Another beer that deserves great attention is Puppet, this is a light-colored “Session Beer” with a lovable taste that is characterized by its particularly fruity aroma, due to the hops used with exotic hints.

Sicilian craft beer: Chinaschi

Among the best craft beers on the market today, the production of the Chinaschi brewery, which was inspired by Sicilian dialect for its name (“Chinaschi” literally means “with a nose”), also deserves attention.

The company, based in the Trapani area, uses indigenous ancient grains for the production of its beer. What is the highlight of this craft beer? There is no doubt about it. Its distinguishing trait is its close connection with the Sicilian territory, from which it takes the scent of wheat, citrus fruits, bread and special floral scents.

Sicilian White Double Indian Pale Ale IPA, Sicilian Blanche BLC, America Pale Ale APA and Sicilian Pils PLS are the offerings featured on SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso perfect for those who understand craft beer.

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Fardone Brewery’s signature beer

“A beer that is simple in its structure must chase great olfactory balance, where the malty and hopped components, in addition to any fermentation notes, must be perfectly connected; taste-wise, the construction of the wort becomes essential, the balance between the body, which must not be heavy but neither must it be too flowing, and the final bitterness, which must be handled with great wisdom to balance the malty part without incurring unpleasant rustic or even astringent notes.”

This is the philosophy of Fardone Brewery, which brings to market Green Rhino, Yellow Rhino and Black Rhino, three personal and innovative ways of seeing and tasting beer.

Zion Brewery

And we conclude at the moment with the craft brassic brand Zion offers a wide range of varied stylistically inspired labels. An innovative proposal in which recipes recalling ancient traditions such as those from Belgium, and again from Central Europe, Great Britain and the United States, find their place.

These are refined and exclusive craft beers, from the simplest to those that conceal a more particular and refined taste, made with care and raw materials, such as roasted barley, hops and various yeasts, of the highest quality.

Well, we still have many Italian craft beers to offer you, and we will certainly do so with another article dedicated to the topic. If you want to learn more, keep following our blog to stay up-to-date on the world of brewing and all the most important industry news.


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