Kopi Luwak coffee, one of the most expensive blends in the world!

Kopi Luwak coffee, one of the most expensive blends in the world!, Saida Gusto Espresso

Have you ever heard of the so-called Kopi Luwak coffee? This is a mixture that can certainly be called “natural”! Let’s find out why together in this article!

This particular variety of coffee originated in Indonesia and specifically on the islands of Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, and Bali. This is where Kopi Luwak, coffee made from the ripe coffee beans found on plantation trees, eaten and evacuated by a cute little animal known as the Palm Owl or Palm Civet, a carnivorous animal characteristic of Southeast Asia that basically feeds on fruit, insects, eggs and coffee berries.

The high cost of Kopi Luwak coffee.

The Palm Owl feeds on these fruits, which it cannot fully digest, which is why the grains are excreted by the animal as feces. Specifically, the enzymes found in the Luwak’s stomach manage to scratch only the surface part of the coffee fruit. By disposing of protein, which is known to make coffee bitter, Zibetto produces a coffee with a sweet taste. And that explains why this is the most expensive coffee in the world (or at least one of the most expensive) on the market today.

A fine coffee

Zibetto coffee, after being defecated, can be harvested. This is done by teams of workers, assigned to this specific task. With great care and attention, workers try to collect all the grains, without losing one. The coffee is then taken to special storage sites and purified of waste. Only after thorough washing are the beans ready to be roasted. After the coffee is roasted, the fine blend, known worldwide by these names(Kopi Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee), has, as mentioned above, an aroma unlike any other. In the opinion of itendors, in addition to important organoleptic properties, this coffee has a mild taste and an aftertaste of chocolate and caramel.

Defecated coffee, clearly, has very limited production. This especially extends to the Japanese and U.S. markets. The coffee price of Kopi Luwak is very high, it is in fact to pay 300 to 600 euros per kilogram. What does this mean? That a cup of Zibetto’s coffee costs from 10 euros and up!

Intensive production, yes or no?

This coffee has very ancient origins. The natives were the first to collect these berries partly digested by the civet. To date, more than 50 tons of Kopi Luwak coffee comes from intensive farming. This fact resonated widely with environmentalists, prompting researchers to obtain this valuable mixture in the laboratory.

It is for this very reason that Matthew Ross, a British entrepreneur, has attempted to safeguard and continue the environmentally sustainable production of this coffee, producing it the old-fashioned way. Harvesting coffee produced by Ross Kopi are the farmers of Sumatra. Clearly, its very limited production ensures the complete protection and preservation of the civet. At the same time it provides a livelihood for families still living in the mountainous region of Sumatra.

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