Lavazza Espresso Point capsules, excellence at the best price

Lavazza Espresso Point capsules, excellence at the best price, Saida Gusto Espresso


Lavazza Espresso Point capsules

Coffee is not just a drink but a real ritual, to be celebrated several times throughout the day, even better if you have the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality one. Lavazza Espresso Point capsules, for example, are ideal for those who like strong-tasting drinks with a special aroma. But not only that!

Lavazza Point Capsules, in all its different blends, are designed to give its consumers a wide range of choices to satisfy even the most discerning palate! Let’s see together which are the best blends.

Lavazza Espresso Point capsules, choose your favorite!

There are many types of espresso Point capsules that ensure a different, very personal taste that can take you from one place in the world to another, thanks to the provenance of carefully selected coffee beans, ideal for making coffee a moment of pure pleasure. Let’s see together which are the best Lavazza capsules:

Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Crema and Aroma capsules
have a strong, bold, full-bodied flavor blend with an intense aftertaste;


Espresso Point Strong and Decisive Coffee capsules

, thanks to their blend composed mainly of coffee from Indochina and East Africa, are the ideal solution for those who prefer an intense and persistent aroma with a cocoa aftertaste;


Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Aroma Club capsules

with a selection of 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil and Southeast Asia, are characterized by a lingering, fragrant taste that is particularly full-bodied and creamy;


Aroma Point Coffee Espresso Capsules

on the other hand, are the perfect blend for lovers of a flavor that is both sweet and lingering;


Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Aroma Gusto capsules

, the creamy, aromatic coffee with a spicy woody aftertaste for those who want to go try something less traditional;

The Caffè Borbone Espresso Point Capsules, feature South American and African coffee blends, traditionally roasted and protected by the nitrogen air vacuum system, ideal for preserving the aroma, optimized by Lavazza for its products;

The Espresso Point Ginseng Capsules, finally, are characterized by the possibility of having a golden cream product and the presence of the indisputable beneficial properties of ginseng.

Espresso Point capsules, choose your Lavazza machine

All of the
Lavazza capsules
described above are indispensable for those who own a coffee machine such as the Lavazza EP Mini, EP 1800 or the Lavazza Pininfarina, which are rightfully among the best solutions on the market, for use both at home and in the office, from the well-known Italian brand.

Don’t miss, yet, the opportunity to choose our Lavazza Espresso Point Compatible capsules, to always have a Made in Italy product of the highest quality and unmistakable taste, refined and with great character, in your home.

To never give up the true taste of coffee and have the opportunity to choose Lavazza capsules special price, buy them on at the best price on the net and remember: shipping costs, above 100 euros of spending, we give them to you for free!


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