Oktoberfest beers

Oktoberfest beers, Saida Gusto Espresso


Oktoberfest (German for “October festival”) is the most famous beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany. This year, due to the pandemic, the festival was cancelled…However, we want to use this event as a springboard to talk about some of the beer styles in our e-shop: the Helles, Lagers and Weizens. These three are the most popular types of beer in the Bavarian capital, widely recognized as “the city of beer.”

Helles Craft Beer

This style of beer is clear and golden yellow in color. It is a bottom-fermented beer and possesses a creamy, persistent foam. It has a lingering hop component both on the nose, with hints of grass and flowers, and in the mouth with a barely noticeable bitterness. Its taste is close to that of Pils-type beers but with less hop aroma and more malt. They have an alcohol content ranging from 4.7 percent to 5.4 percent.
On our online shop we offer Helles from the Italian brewery Blond Brothers, which you can purchase from the comfort of home by going HERE

Craft Beer Lager

Lager beer is the most widely known and consumed beer in the world. It was first produced around 1500 in Germany. They are bottom-fermented beers and have a low alcohol content (between 3 and 5 percent). Most lagers are light or intermediate in color; the flavor is clean and dry enough to bring out the bitterness of the hops.

Weizen craft beer

Weizen (German for “wheat”) beer is a special beer brewed using wheat in a proportion of at least 50 percent instead of barley. It possesses an intense odor dominated by fruity scents, above all banana, and clove that brings back the world of spices. The sip should be fresh, accentuated by sustained carbonation (the bubbles). The medium body is lighter in the filtered versions. Bitterness not forthcoming. On the Saida gusto Espresso shop we offer Weizen from Italian breweries Dolmen and Zion (available for purchase HERE).

But on our e-comemrce, in addition to those mentioned above, you can find a wide selection of Italian craft beers. We selected the best Italian microbreweries, with the aim of promoting the quality of their malt, an essential element in production. The beers we offer will be exclusively craft and Italian, you will not find foreign beers or industrial beers. The benchmark of our winery is quality, mixed with the experience of master brewers who preserve an ancient art.


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