SA.I.DA. Espresso Waffles at Beer&Food Attraction 2020

SA.I.DA. Espresso Waffles at Beer&Food Attraction 2020, Saida Gusto Espresso


Beer&Food Attraction: the b2b trade show where excellent beer and top beverages meet quality food. meets its supplier breweries.

Beer&Food Attraction and BBTech Expo 2020 is a unique event in Italy that brings together the entire beverage supply chain dedicated to the “out of home” that has been able to include food as a successful component.

This year it was held Feb. 15-18 in the well-established location of the Rimini Fairgrounds, registering more than 33,000 attendees and confirming itself as the most comprehensive offering of technology and equipment for beverage production and packaging. Crowded booths on the days and great business satisfaction thanks to this formula, unique in Italy, of intra business between beverage and machinery manufacturers.

Saidaespressocialde this year participated in this event and met and strengthened its partnerships with suppliers:

  • Blond brothers: A craft microbrewery, the first in San Donà di Piave, with a very specific mission: to try to become the reference point for craft beer in the area and beyond, with the hope of transmitting the style and way of conceiving the world of beer with passion, application, study and dedication.
  • Dolmen: Dolmen was founded in 2005 in Sardinia. Since then, he has been brewing beers in a small town in the north of the island, in a laboratory that is both modern and artisanal, scrupulously following ancient brewing traditions, and paying attention to every detail.
  • Aufugum: The brewery espouses a concept of territoriality that borders on the encounter of different cultures, especially the Germanic one, in order to make improvements in brewing methods and the finished product.
  • Hops: The brewery’s production philosophy is to make beer from work in the field with an eye on the environment. In fact, it has a 20kw photovoltaic system that allows it to produce the electricity needed for the cooking room, cellar, cells, and even the warehouse and offices.
  • Half Step: The brewery, operational since July 2014, is located in Popoli just 500 meters from the headwaters of the Pescara River. It follows the production process at all stages by also taking care of the packaging of both drums and bottles in-house.
  • The two masters: Has been brewing craft beer in the beautiful Prato plain since 2009. The brewery’s strength is the perfect combination of product craftsmanship and impeccable service through a flexible, dynamic and operational structure in production, order management and logistics.
  • Okorei: The brewery was born from the passion of a group passionate about craft beers and the experience of brewmaster Alberto Mochetti. The philosophy that Okorei espouses in their recipes can be summarized as follows: characterization in simplicity, without complication and extravagance.
  • Ophelia: The brewery was established in 2012 initially with a small 1.2 hectoliter plant up to the current more efficient 12 hectoliter plant with a dedicated area open to anyone who wants to have a good beer on tap directly at the brewing site.
  • Croce di Malto: This is an independent brewery based in Trecate, Novara. It has been brewing beers for years with passion and dedication, using the best raw materials available on the market and striving to create high-quality products with unique characteristics.
  • Fortebraccio: l Fortebraccio Brewery was started by the Pacini family for pure enjoyment of making craft beer. Located in Montone, in the green heart of the Upper Tiber Valley, it is family-run.
  • Chinaschi : The company uses native ancient grains, sown within the same pavilion. The hallmark of all “Chinaschi” beers is the close connection with the Sicilian territory: scent of wheat, citrus, bread, floral scents. All hallmarks of Sicilian tradition.

Inside the fair was the 15th edition of the competition, dedicated to the best Italian craft beers, held by UNIONBIRRAI to award Beer of the Year and Best Brewery of the Year.

Ritual Lab has been voted the best Italian craft brewery of 2020. The trophy was presented by Unionbirrai, which, at the end of the first day of the event, decreed the best Italian craft beers of 2020 for each of the 42 competing beer categories. Ritual Lab won the highest score, beating out the other 301 participating breweries.

Also on the same day, the Women of Beer 2020 awards ceremony was staged. The award, now in its second year, was given to women who have distinguished themselves for their ability to enhance beer and its service as well as, for the first time, to female distribution professionals.

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