The best Sicilian craft breweries

The best Sicilian craft breweries, Saida Gusto Espresso

Welcome to our blog dedicated to the best Sicilian craft breweries! If you are passionate about the world of craft beer and want to discover the brewing treasures that the island of Sicily has to offer, you are in the right place. In this article, we will explore the most renowned Sicilian craft breweries and their superior quality beers.

Sicilian craft breweries: an excellence to discover

Sicily, in addition to being famous for its culture, history and cuisine, is also a region that boasts a very important brewing tradition. Sicilian craft breweries are distinguished by their dedication to quality and the use of first-choice local ingredients. Exploring Sicilian craft breweries means immersing yourself in a unique gustatory journey, where you can appreciate beers that represent the island’s craft excellence.

The best Sicilian craft breweries, Saida Gusto Espresso

Sicilian craft breweries: Canale

The Canale brewery was born out of love and passion for Sicilian craft beer. The idea of creating a brewery dates back to 2010 and, through numerous experiments, an entirely handmade product was created, characterized by a unique and unmistakable aroma and taste.

They have always stood out for their attention to environmental sustainability: No waste products are released into the environment. The beer grains produced at their plant are sold to a livestock company as feed for cattle, contributing to the reduction of waste. Furthermore, the hop grains are used as an organic fertilizer in horticulture, further enhancing their waste.

The Canale brewery is based in Lercara Friddi, a charming hill town located in the Sicilian hinterland. Their geographical position allows them to benefit from a landscape dominated by large clearings cultivated with cereals, the same cereals that give their beer those unmistakable malt notes. The craft beer of the Canale brewery contains the soul of Sicily, offering a combination of authentic flavors and a dedication to quality that characterizes each of their products.

The best Sicilian craft breweries, Saida Gusto Espresso

Chinaschi Brewery: History of a Sicilian beer

After years of experience and testing at home, in May 2015, Francesco Puma, with the collaboration of the young winemaker Vincenzo Leone, decided to “expatriate” and give life to what is currently the the only Trapani farm dedicated to the production of beer, as well as the second craft brewery in the province of Trapani. It is a story of ordinary madness that led to the creation of the Chinaschi brewery.

Chinaschi, the name of the beer, plays with the Sicilian dialect (“Chinaschi” literally means “with the nose”) and is inspired by the famous alter ego of Charles Bukowski, with the “c” instead of the final “k” . The company uses native ancient grains, sown within the pavilion itself, to create their craft beers.

The hallmark of all Chinaschi beers is their close link with the Sicilian territory. The beers give off a scent of wheat, citrus, bread and floral hints, which are hallmarks of the Sicilian tradition. The Chinaschi brewery is also committed to spreading the culture of craft beer, a reality still little known in southern Italy, and gives a strong Sicilian impulse to all its products.

Explore the best Sicilian craft breweries

Sicily is a land rich in traditions and authentic flavors, and Sicilian craft breweries are a brilliant example of this. Canale and Chinaschi are just some of the breweries that deserve to be discovered and appreciated. Experiment with their unique styles, immerse yourself in the Sicilian beer culture and enjoy the pleasure of tasting top-level craft beers.

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