The coffee machine: the journey of coffee from capsule to cup

The coffee machine: the journey of coffee from capsule to cup, SAIDA Gusto Espresso

Welcome back to our blog for coffee enthusiasts! Here’s a toast to all the fine flavor seekers! Today we embark on a journey that will take our curiosity from capsules to the cup of coffee. Let’s get ready to explore the mysteries hidden inside our coffee machine. Are you ready to set sail?

Coffee machine operation: a ballet of precision

Apparently, your coffee machine might look like a simple household appliance. But it is much more. It is a marvelous piece of engineering, a jewel of technology which, like a well-tuned orchestra, brings forth flawless execution.

When you insert the coffee capsule, the machine pierces it with surgical precision, letting the hot water seep into the ground coffee beans. This is not a simple mechanical operation, but a precision ballet where every component dances in perfect harmony.

When your coffee machine kicks in, a fascinating process is set in motion that transforms the dry coffee powder inside the capsule into a delicious espresso. At first, the water heated by the machine is pumped into the capsule under high pressure.

The coffee machine: the journey of coffee from capsule to cup, SAIDA Gusto Espresso

This pressure forces water through the finely ground coffee powder, extracting the aromatic oils, chemicals and flavors that create your coffee’s unique profile. It is a transformation process that requires precision and control, where hot water and coffee interact briefly, but intensely, to create a rich, flavored and full-bodied liquid. This juicy coffee nectar is then poured directly into your cup, ready to be enjoyed.

This is the journey that your coffee in capsules takes, transforming itself from a compact powder to a liquid pleasure in just a few seconds.

Coffee capsules: small treasure chests of flavour

The coffee capsules, these small shiny pearls, are the true protagonists of this aromatic journey. Imagine them as little caskets, miniature treasures, thick with high quality coffee, ready to release an explosion of flavor when their seal is broken by your coffee machine. Like a magic trap door that opens, revealing a world of aromas and flavours.

In each capsule, there is a perfect amount of finely ground coffee, telling the story of a distant plantation, fertile soil and the loving care of passionate growers. Each grain contains the taste of tropical rains, the warmth of the equatorial sun and the freshness of the mountain air.

But the magic doesn’t end there. In the production phase, there is a ritual involving the ancient art of roasting. Each bean is exposed to intense heat, in a slow process of metamorphosis that turns it from green to brown, releasing the aromatic oils that give the coffee its unique flavour.

The coffee machine: the journey of coffee from capsule to cup, SAIDA Gusto Espresso

Coffee machines with pods: the bar at home

Pod machines represent another interesting variant in the universe of home coffee. Using a similar principle to capsule machines, pods are distinguished by their paper filter. When hot water is forced through the paper filter and ground coffee, the result is coffee with a smoother texture and less concentrated flavor than capsules, but just as delicious.

It’s a real pleasure to see how every drop of coffee emerges from the machine, going through a journey of transformation, starting from the pod to get to the cup, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

So next time you press the button on your coffee machine, remember that you are embarking on a wonderful journey. A journey that begins with a simple coffee capsule or an ESE44 pod, and ends with a delicious cup of coffee ready to be enjoyed. So, brew your next cup, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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