The history of Caffè Borbone

The history of Caffè Borbone, Saida Gusto Espresso

In the Italian and international market, there are several companies specializing in the coffee sector that market their coffee in capsules, pods or beans in different forms of taste and fragrance.

In Italy undoubtedly among these coffee brands one of the most popular products is sold is Caffè Borbone. From Palermo to Milan, passing through Rome and touching every city in Italy by now, Caffè Borbone has taken much of the domestic market, positioning itself among the industry leaders.

Caffè Borbone was first marketed in 1997: produced in Naples its origins are historical since the borbone coffee takes inspiration from a “dark, very black” drink that was first created back in 1734.

Then the drink, unknown to most, was prepared to be offered by the monks in honor of Charles III, in order to thank the latter for stopping by their monastery with the intent to pray and rest. Showcase of the meeting was the monastery of St. Francis of Paola, just outside Porta Capuana.

It was back on May 10, 1734, a day of pouring rain, when the then Charles of Borbone, on his way to Naples with his troops with the aim of liberating Campania from the Austrian troops, decided to make a stop at the convent of the “Friars Minor” before launching the decisive attack.

The history of Caffè Borbone, Saida Gusto Espresso

During the stopover, the friars of the convent, in order to welcome the new king, decided to offer him coffee as a tasting: a drink until that day absolutely unknown to Charles of Borbone. Appreciating the coffee was that special taste, with its unique aroma and full-bodied, creamy flavor typical of what would later become Caffè Borbone. In his time even the King saw in this magnificent beverage called coffee also a healthy drink for one’s body and spirituality.

Prompted by this story here is where the company Aromatika srl came in, which decided, starting from the collection of selected beans, passing through the roasting of the coffee to the final part related to the preparation, they decided to try to replicate (with success by the way) that exquisite drink that was so appreciated by the Borbone King: hence the name Caffè Borbone.

Soon and as the years passed, Caffè Borbone took more and more ground, becoming to this day the best-selling coffee brand in Italy and with respectable worldwide expansion.

Time has also brought the coffee company in line with market demands so today the classic bean coffee has been joined by all the products of Caffè Borbone capsules and pods.

Today, choosing Caffè Borbone in pods or capsules is synonymous with quality with a delicious end product is an Italian espresso coffee like we are used to drinking at the bar.

Coffee with a distinctive taste, multiple choices in type and creaminess. In fact, in the Borbone household it was decided yes to move forward with market demands and go hand in hand with technologies without, however, distorting the product and thus maintaining those principles of traditional fidelity that are the result of years of study that have brought Borbone coffee to the highest levels in the Italian coffee market.

Borbone coffee is 100 percent Neapolitan, which is why today we often hear of Neapolitan-style espresso coffee: a unique and special coffee that so many places in Italy and around the world envy.

Different blends put on the market, so many flavors, from green, to black, passing through borbone coffee gold, blue or red but one common denominator: borbone coffee whether in beans, capsules, pods or ground coffee always manages to be a product with an inimitable flavor and for many with an unparalleled level of quality and deliciousness.

Thanks to the different blends and types today, Caffè Borbone can be used with both classic mocha and espresso machines.

At the basis of the success of Borbone coffee is the awareness even in Aromatika srl of a knowledge in the world of coffee that hardly other companies can boast: and it is precisely the coffee production process that is one of the strengths of the brand, which tenaciously aims to analyze every aspect of production in order to create the quality product with inestimable added value.

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