What is unfiltered beer?

What is unfiltered beer?, Saida Gusto Espresso


Today more and more people are paying attention when shopping to the provenance and craftsmanship of the product: in fact, many prefer organic, artisanal or KM 0 products over industrial products.
This phenomenon is now also affecting the beer market, where there is an increasing preference for a craft beer over an industrial one.

The main characteristic of a craft beer (as opposed to an industrially produced one) is that it is unfiltered, that is, it does not undergo a process that separates the yeast deposits from the liquid part of the product during the second fermentation.

This causes a craft beer, in addition to having a more cloudy appearance in the bottle, to have a different body with stronger and more intense flavors and aromas. Added to this is the fact that it retains all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of its ingredients (yeast, barley and malt) in the bottle.

Thus, craft beers are rich in B vitamins, enzymes, and maltose. Plus they are great for your gut health (because they contain inulin and oligosaccharides), cardiovascular health and against cellular aging due to the presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidant substances.

We are sure it is now clearer to you what an unfiltered beer is and why more and more people prefer to drink craft beers (brewed by ancient methods) and not industrial ones.

And that is precisely why we at SA.I.DA. Gusto Espresso have decided to focus on craft beer, offering in our e-shop only craft beers from the best Italian breweries and microbreweries. Each beer is unique and has olfactory characteristics and flavors that only a craft beer can offer you.

Realizing this, we decided to create exclusive craft beer tasting kits for our customers, each of which is created specifically to accompany an aperitif, or a pizza, meat or fish lunch or dinner. Each kit consists of six bottles of craft beers all different from each other but ideal for the type of pairing recommended:

All you have to do is choose your beer and purchase it from the comfort of home!


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