Which coffee machine to buy?

Which coffee machine to buy?, Saida Gusto Espresso

Are you wondering which coffee machine to buy this year? Certainly must make a good Italian espresso, as if you were drinking it at the bar! But is this only what we expect from a good coffee machine? In fact, there are other important features, from the ability to make other drinks with the coffee machine alone, through an attractive design, to its easy maintenance.

Today we reveal some features that coffee machines must have to be the best choice! Let’s find out together.

Which coffee machine to buy: coffee quality

Let’s start by saying that quality is a factor that should not be underestimated. Because we are the country of espresso, because we love to smell its aroma and taste its flavor. And that is why we need to make sure we buy coffee machines that live up to our expectations. Machines that can offer us excellent coffee, without forgetting that the eye also wants its part, as in the case of the Mokona Bialetti, a perfect fusion of functionality and design.

Consider that the working principle of coffee machines is pressure. This means that there is a pump in these appliances that pushes water from the tank to the boiler. Inside, the liquid is heated to a temperature of 90°C and then transferred to the filter.

Pressurized water passes through the filter and in this way extracts from the coffee the aroma and all the substances that give the beverage its bold, full-bodied flavor, unmistakable to the palate. What does this mean? That the quality of the coffee produced is related to the pressure with which the water is pushed into the filter. Professionals in the field, in this regard, say that the necessary pressure, to have a good coffee, is between 12 to 15 bars.

Which coffee machine to buy: structure

Now watch this. The structure of the coffee machine is also an element that should not be underestimated. Convenience and practicality of use are factors to consider, along with the space you have available to best place it! For example, if you have limited space in your kitchen, it is then preferable to purchase a product with small dimensions, such as the Nescafè Dolce Gusto Machine

Height, width and depth are measurements to keep in mind when you want to buy a good product that can make use of the space inside your kitchen or office. So can the weight and capacity of the water tank be determining factors. In fact, it is no secret that the larger the tank, the lower the frequency of filling.

Finally, one must consider the space separating the filter holder from the base. Many coffee machines, in fact, have enough space to accommodate only small cups and not larger sized cups. In this regard, for example, a good solution is the Lollina coffee machine from Lollo Caffè, which allows cups to be placed without any problem.

Which coffee machine to buy: maintenance

Here’s another thing. Cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine are important factors, especially considering that this appliance is used every day and, often, several times of the same day.
What are the elements that need to be taken care of to always ensure good performance and speed of cleaning?

  • Removable reservoir, for ease of use when filling and rinsing, in order to prevent scale buildup or dirt accumulation inside.
  • Descaling. To be carried out on a periodic basis. Scale formation is physiological and is closely related to the use of the appliance. To learn more about this topic, we recommend you read: How to descale your coffee machine. On the market, for example, it is possible to purchase environmentally friendly and safe products such as Bilt Descaler, which is ideal for preventing breakdowns and maintaining optimal operation of the coffee maker.
  • Drop tray. Its size is relative and changes from product to product. Clearly, the more capacious it is, the less often it will need to be removed to empty it. It can also often be placed inside the dishwasher, saving you time

Which coffee machine to buy: the right brand

Now let’s talk about branding. To date, it is possible to find several brands on the market that produce and sell coffee machines of different types and price ranges. The advice is to buy a machine of a well-known brand.

The reason for this choice lies in having a secure purchase guarantee, a product made of quality materials, assembled by top-notch industry professionals. Add to this, the presence in the after-sales phase, with particular reference to customer service and the ability to more easily source spare parts

Buying a coffee machine from an unknown, possibly cheap brand often turns out to be the wrong choice in the long run. All new machines are good, but what happens with the passage of time? When it comes to home security and appliances, it is important to make the right purchases.

To date there are several well-known and reliable brands that produce good quality and durable coffee makers, such as Grimac, Didiesse, Bialetti, and Faber, to name a few:

Here’s what you need to know about the topic of the day: which coffee maker to buy in 2019. We hope our input will help you make the best choice for your needs. Keep following our blog, see you next time!

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