Caffè Borbone capsules: where do I throw them away?

Caffè Borbone capsules: where do I throw them away?, Saida Gusto Espresso


The consumption of capsule coffee in Italy is growing steadily, given also the high quality achieved by the coffee and the blends they contain as well as the ease of purchase that online has provided to this product.

Among the various brands in Italy, that of Caffè Borbone certainly stands out, which, thanks to years of experience in the field and a lot of professionalism in choosing the coffee used, has become one of the most popular brands in our country. And this is also thanks to a wide variety of capsule blends compatible with the most popular coffee machine systems: Lavazza a Modo Mio, Lavazza Espresso Point, Nespresso and Nescafè Dolce Gusto.

But once finished using, where should Borbone capsules be thrown away?

Plastic capsules are definitely the most complicated to dispose of, and their widespread use is at the same time leading to a large amount of waste resulting from their consumption. This is because, coffee capsules, are made of different materials that are sometimes not easy to separate: in fact, while the container is plastic, the tab that seals them is aluminum. Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind is to throw them in the undifferentiated waste. But this has a significant environmental impact….

So how to dispose of Borbone capsules in an environmentally friendly way?

For plastic capsules, what we recommend is to separate the wrapper from the aluminum tab, throwing the former into the plastic collection container (after rinsing it of coffee remnants) while the latter into the aluminum collection container.

If you are a creative person, however, you can also consider using used coffee capsules to bring home-made creations to life. In fact, due to their malleability, capsules lend themselves very well to handcrafting to make decor elements, place cards, and you name it. Just let your imagination run wild!

These tips we have just offered for environmentally friendly coffee capsule disposal, of course, apply to all types of compatible Borbone coffee capsules on the market. Among them, on our e-shop you will find the Don Carlo in the different blends: Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green decaffeinated.

What do you think about the disposal of coffee capsules? Had you already thought of disposing of them separately or reusing them creatively?



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