Chinaschi: craft beers made in Sicily

Chinaschi: craft beers made in Sicily, Saida Gusto Espresso


As we have already told you in this article, craft beers are also enjoying great success in Sicily, so much so that tasting moments and specialized events dedicated to this world are now increasingly common. Sicily is no longer seen only as a land of vineyards and wines but also of hops and beer. And it is in this new reality that Sicilian breweries and microbreweries have sprung up, specializing in craft beers that encapsulate the aromas and flavors of the island.

Among the many, it is worth mentioning the Sicilian brewery Chinaschi, born in 2015 from the collaboration of two entrepreneurs. The name “Chinaschi” takes its cue from the Sicilian language (“chinaschi” means “with a nose”) and from C. Bukowski’s famous alter ego with a C in place of the final K.

The brewery’s goal is to give a strong Sicilian imprint to all its beers.

And that is why the beers of this brewery all possess a close connection with the island’s territory: scent of wheat, citrus, bread, floral scents. All hallmarks of Sicilian tradition. Only local ancient grains are used, all of which are sown in-house.

Let’s now see which Chinaschi craft beers you can conveniently purchase from home on our e-shop.

  • Chinasci APA : is a Sicilian amber American Pale Ale with low alcohol content, characterized by intense bitterness and an enveloping aroma with citrus and floral notes given by the cold hopping (dry hopping) of Citra. Alcoholic Grade: 5.5% vol.
  • Chinaschi BLC : is a Sicilian Blanche wheat beer that is light, citrusy and thirst-quenching. Orange zest and a pinch of coriander are added to the pot, making it enjoyable on all occasions. Alcoholic Grade: 5.5% vol.
  • Chinaschi IPA : Sicilian White Double Indian Pale Ale. It represents the union between the freshness of a blanche and the robustness of a Double Ipa. This fusion results in a thirst-quenching, full-bodied, fragrant beer characterized by intense bitterness. Alcoholic Grade: 8% vol.
  • Chinaschi PLS : is a bright, clear Sicilian Pils beer characterized by moderate bitterness and excellent drinkability. Alcoholic Grade: 4.5% vol.

Now all you have to do is try the unique taste of Chinaschi Sicilian craft beers! Good purchase!!!


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