In Sicily at full throttle!

In Sicily at full throttle!, Saida Gusto Espresso


Exponential growth of Sicilian craft beers

According to an estimate by Assobirra, the craft beer sector in Italy has grown 824 percent over the past 10 years. Following the national trend, Sicily is also seeing a considerable increase in the number of craft breweries, brew pubs and brew firms in recent years. If in 2008 there were just 4, today, according to the Southern Report attached to the January 17, 2020 issue of Il Sole 24 ore, there are nearly 75 companies in Sicily including microbreweries, brew firms and brew pubs. A real boom in Sicilian craft beer due to a growing interest of consumers who are increasingly developing a true beer culture. Thus, the phenomenon of craft beer is becoming very interesting from a socio-economic point of view, clearly bucking the consumer crisis.

Many are the small entrepreneurs who have come to craft brewing directly with their own microbrewery or indirectly through what are called beer firms with beer brewed by others based on a recipe sometimes proposed by the entrepreneur himself sometimes, instead, by the brewer.

In Sicily, as throughout Italy, craft beer has invaded the most cross-cultural realities, perhaps determining its true success. There are now many moments dedicated to the world of craft beer, from tastings to specialized events. A great passion that is transforming the island, seen in the collective imagination as the land of wine and certainly not of hops.

In most cases, the Sicilian product is a very identity-driven one: many, in fact, are craft beers that encapsulate the aromas and flavors of the island. Continuous research that has resulted in quality products.

This is the case of the Canale microbrewery which we offer on our e-shop. The company was founded in 2010 in Lercara Friddi, a small town in the Sicilian hinterland; after numerous experiments, the company now offers an entirely artisanal product with an unmistakable aroma and taste and encompasses 4 types of beers: the Wheat, Blonde Ale,American IPA and Canale Double Malt.

Another Sicilian brewery that you can find in the beers section of our e-commerce is the Chinaschi Brewery . Established in May 2015 through the collaboration of two entrepreneurs, it is now Trapani’s only farm dedicated to the production of Sicilian craft beer and the second craft brewery in the province of Trapani. The hallmark of all “Chinaschi” beers is the close connection with the Sicilian territory: scent of wheat, citrus, bread, floral scents; all hallmarks of Sicilian tradition.

But these are just some of the Italian microbreweries and breweries that you can find on our e-shop (a reference point for craft beer in Palermo) with their best craft beer products, all strictly 100% made in Italy!


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