Craft beers: an original gift idea for Christmas

Craft beers: an original gift idea for Christmas, Saida Gusto Espresso


Christmas is just around the corner, and for some time now the race for gifts has been on. Like every year, the dilemma of what to give as a gift comes up again and, we at Saida Gusto Espresso, have decided to help you in this difficult choice by offering a tasting kit of craft beers perfect as gifts this Christmas 2020.

Over the past 10 years, the craft beer sector in Italy has experienced exponential growth, with a considerable increase in the number of craft breweries, brew pubs and brew firms. Craft beer has become a product that is no longer niche but sought after and appreciated by all.

So if you would like to choose to give an original gift that will surely be appreciated, you can only choose the kit we have specially selected for you: 6 75 cl bottles, each with a fine craft beer with unique smells and flavors. The beer styles that you will be able to find in the kit include, among others:

India Pale Ale: This style originated in the English colonial period and owes its intense hopping to the need to preserve itself for long journeys to India. Its high alcohol content allowed it to protect itself from the risks of bacterial contamination due to long journeys and storage in barrels. These craft beers therefore are top-fermented and rather hopped; they have a fruity and herbaceous aroma and taste with a significant but balanced bitterness due to the hops used. They belong to the Pale Ale category, but are distinguished from all others precisely by their bitterness.

Witbier: Beers of this style, commonly known as Blanche, are malty, drinkable Belgian wheat beers. They enjoy particular commercial success and are made from a blend of barley malt and unmalted wheat. They have a history of more than 4 centuries but were only rediscovered in the 1950s. Since they are not filtered beers, they have a milky appearance and a light color. They possess a fruity and spicy aroma as well as citrus contributions from the directly added ingredients.

Golden Ale: as is easily guessed from the name, beers belonging to this style have a light, golden-yellow appearance. Notoriously identified as easy-drinking, they are noncomplex beers that can give pleasant fruity, hoppy and malt notes. The alcohol contribution is light, although the alcohol content sometimes reaches around 4-5%. Hops should be important, with peppery and herbaceous bitterness and aromas, sometimes citrus, emerging clearly.

Returning now to our Christmas craft beer kit, you will find, instead, the following bottles:

  • Comunale Golden Ale: a high-fermentation golden craft beer from Amiata Brewery; it is distinguished by the variety of hops used, which give it aromas between herbaceous and fruity.
  • Drinking Nice Witbier: a top-fermented golden craft beer from East Side Brewing, with a lingering white foam, unpasteurized, unfiltered, re-fermented and bottle-aged.
  • Amber Doll Honey Ale: amber craft beer from Karma Brewery with a very fine and persistent ivory foam; it is brewed with five continental and American malts and hops with added chestnut honey.
  • Carmina American IPA: Karma Brewery’s craft beer with strong citrus and tropical overtones due to the addition of five different American hops. Amber color, clear. Ivory foam, fine and persistent.
  • Marilyn Ale: a pale craft beer with a clear golden yellow color, white and persistent foam. Brewed by Karma Brewery with only barley malt, it has honeyed and herbaceous notes on the nose.
  • Cubultiera wheat: a light, golden-yellow beer with a fine, persistent white head, brewed by Karma Brewery with barley malt, wheat and spiced with citrus. The nose releases fruity and spicy notes.

Our craft beers are all strictly brewed and processed in Italy. On our e-shop you can also find other fine beer kits that we have carefully selected to accompany your aperitifs, or your meat, fish or pizza dinners or lunches,

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