Craft beers: which ones to give as Christmas gifts

Craft beers: which ones to give as Christmas gifts, Saida Gusto Espresso


With this article, introduces you to its new section dedicated to craft beers. With the mission of always offering you the best and pampering our customers, we decided to promote the best craft beers from selected breweries in the country. The benchmark of our winery is quality, mixed with the experience of master brewers who preserve an ancient art.

Today, in particular, we are going to give you some useful advice on what beer you could give as a Christmas gift, because for us at, giving a craft beer as a gift is always a good idea! It can, in fact, be a beautiful gift even for those who are not fans of the field.

Let us then tell you about some of the craft beers we have selected for you. These are fine 75cl bottles, let’s see what they are.

Blackfoot Craft Beer (Blackrice Imperial Stout) – Croce di Malto Brewery (Piedmont)

This beer interprets a Russian Imperial Stout with use of ash rice and chestnuts from Novara. The aromas are intense, roasted and rooty, matching the warm notes of the malts. The taste is round, with a well-balanced bittersweet transition, and alternates on notes of roasted fruit, coffee and licorice. The finish is firm, dry and unexpectedly smooth. The aftertaste is long, intense, with intriguing hints of cocoa bean and more coffee and licorice. It has an alcohol content of 8.7 percent and a black color. It goes best with cheeses, desserts and chocolate.

Bastarda Rossa Craft Beer (Chestnut Special) – Birrificio Amiata Srl (Tuscany)

It is a red beer, whose name originates from the very variety of Monte Amiata chestnut used; one of three types to have received PGI recognition. It has an alcohol content of 6.5 percent and should be served at a temperature of 10 to 14°C. Taste: Initial notes of caramel give way on the finish to chestnut whose aroma remains delicate and never overpowering. It is not a bitter beer as the hopping is careful to leave just enough room for the more delicate flavor of chestnut. Best paired with: Risottos, soups, stews and braises, perhaps cooked with the beer itself. Stewed wild boar or game, chestnut stuffed turkey, cured meats and aged cheeses, lampredotto. Desserts to match include: sweet chestnut polenta with ricotta cheese, chestnut cake, chestnut panna cotta, and Mont Blanc.

Sunny Side (American Ipa) – East Side Brewing (Lazio)

High-fermented golden beer brewed according to tradition with natural and selected ingredients. Unpasteurized, unfiltered, refermented and aged in keg and bottle. It possesses a fresh and aggressive aroma with grapefruit and pine needles in evidence plus a touch of tropical fruit. On the palate there is a slightly biscuity mouthfeel followed by alternating grapefruit and tropical fruit more evident as the beer warms. The bitterness is sharp, sharp and persistent. The alcohol content, although high (7%), is hardly noticeable. The Sunny Side is great when paired with a nice fish and chips, or even with seafood fries or simple chips. It goes very well with tasty fish such as salmon but also with succulent meats. Try it together with cheescake, whose flavor is enhanced by the fruity aromas released by the mix of hops used.

Triplex (Strong Belgian Ale) – Croce di Malto Brewery (Piedmont)

It is a beer born to excite and to offer a new pleasure in beer drinking, impossible to forget! The power of flavor and aromaticity are forged around the blend of the three different grains used: Barley, Oats and Wheat, perfectly in harmony with three hops and three spices expertly sourced from three continents. It has an alcohol content of 7.8 percent and an amber yellow color. It possesses an aroma of ripe yellow-skinned fruit; the flavor invades the mouth with a honeyed sweetness well balanced by a pleasant spicy aftertaste. Ideal with risotto, excellent with blue and even medium-aged cheeses, or with desserts without chocolate. Excellent meditation beer.

Rosae Craft Beer (Ipa) – Dolmen Brewery (Sardinia)

English-inspired golden ale, ivory foam with fine grain. Hints of citrus, apricot, herbaceous and resinous. Taste initially sweet, but bitter in the finish. Certainly a beer born out of a passion for hops and their aromas. Engaging, thirst-quenching beer full of unique, pungent scents.
Recommended pairings: Tempura of salmon, apples and late radicchio with raspberry vinegar, red meat, salmon, late radicchio trevisano, mussels, red fruits, pink lady or fuji apples.

Dolmen Aryan Beer (Weizen) – Dolmen Brewery (Sardinia)

WEIZEN style beer using unmalted wheat and barley malts. It is an extraordinary beer, golden yellow in color, unfiltered, and typically made cloudy by the presence of the yeasts and protein substances in suspension. Characterized by an aromatic fruity bouquet of banana and a distinctive, persistent foam. An excellent beer: balanced, refreshing and with a dry finish. Alc. 5% vol. – IBU 20 Serving temperature 6°-7°C. Recommended pairings: Cold cuts, white meats, Desserts, Game, Aperitifs.

If you are a true beer connoisseur, or want to give a welcome gift to someone who is, we recommend these three craft beers from Dolmen Brewery (Sardinia) in elegant 1.5l bottles.

Dolmen Ale

It is the name by which the British call traditional beer. High-fermented beer with abundant foam and moderate alcohol content. Old gold in color with auburn highlights and full-bodied, it is distinguished by its extraordinary balance of malt flavors and citrusy/fruity aromas from English hops. Alc. 5% vol. Serving temperature 7- 8°C.

Barley Wine reserve 2017

Beer made fascinating by the elegance of its olfactory bouquet, the richness of its intense flavors that perfectly combine elements typical of beer and wine. The mouth has a full body with typically vinous and velvety characteristics. If allowed to age it improves its flavors. Alc. 9.5% vol.

Dolmen Pils

It is the true, original “Blonde” beer. This type of beer takes its name from the town of Pilsen, a city located in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. Beer brewed with selected bottom-fermenting yeasts, a popular style popular in several countries. Our brewer wanted to characterize it with a rich and complex aroma, with a scent of malt and a bouquet that comes from SAAZ hops. Its color tends toward pale gold with a creamy, dense foam and a pronounced bitterness given by the use of Bohemian hops. Alc. 5% vol. Serving temperature 5°-6°C.

These are just some of the 100% Italian craft beers you can find on our online shop

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