Craft IPA beers: let’s learn more about India Pale Ale

Craft IPA beers: let’s learn more about India Pale Ale, Saida Gusto Espresso


With this article we want to tell you more about craft IPA beers. A nod to this style of beer we have already given in one of our previous articles.

As we know, India Pale Ale, is a style of beer that belongs to the Pale Ale category, but is distinguished from all others by its bitter taste.

This style of beer originated in the English colonial period and owes its intense hopping to the need to preserve itself for long journeys to India. Its high alcohol content allowed it to protect itself from the risks of bacterial contamination due to long travel and storage in barrels. Thus, these are top-fermented and rather hopped craft beers; they have a fruity and herbaceous aroma and taste with an important but balanced bitterness due to the hops used.

What is it possible to pair an IPA beer with?

Because of its fairly bitter taste, it is best paired with fatty foods such as some fish and game while it is not recommended to be paired with dishes with sauces.

Our best craft IPA beers

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    A beer with abundant hops, it is characterized by the intense aroma and fragrance of American hops. It is drunk at a temperature of 8-10 C°. Highly fermented, unpasteurized and naturally refermented in the bottle.
    Light beer belonging to the category of English Ale, slightly alcoholic and hopped. It has an herbaceous and fruity aroma, a light body, bitter but balanced by malt aromas reminiscent of toast.
    Beer with a bitter taste with little non-persistent foam and low carbonation.
    Beer with strong citrus and tropical overtones due to the addition of five different American hops. Amber color, clear. Ivory foam, fine and persistent. On the nose, caramel notes from the malts are accompanied by citrus and herbaceous notes from the hops. The sip has a sweet, soft entrance, reminiscent of caramel and cookie. A round, citrusy, balsamic bitterness comes out on the finish, which continues long into the aftertaste.
    Beer made with an innovative blend of hops from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and America. The result is an explosion of tropical scents ranging from coconut milk to mango, enhanced by notes of apricot and citrus.

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