How to clean coffee machine

How to clean coffee machine, Saida Gusto Espresso

Do you want to know how to clean coffee machine quickly and easily? Then this article is what you need! Read on and discover the best solutions for cleaning and caring for your pod or capsule coffee machine. Why is it necessary to do it well? The answer is simple. To be able to drink good Italian espresso coffee at home, like the one at the bar.

Cleaning coffee machine: why do it?

First of all, it is important to understand that to get great coffee, it is not enough to have a good espresso machine, but you also need to clean it properly, since the taste of the coffee you drink also depends on it.

To date, it is possible to clean coffee machines in a variety of ways, from the most classic DIY methods to the use of descaling tablets, which are useful for easily solving limescale problems and perfect for preserving your coffee machine over time. In general, it is advisable to perform maintenance every 300 coffees or at least do a descaling every three to four months.

Cleaning and maintenance of coffee pod and capsule machines

To understand how to clean coffee machine quickly and easily, just follow a few steps. The steps to be performed are the same for all coffee machines that you can buy on
Saida Gusto Espresso
, compatible with the best Saida capsules and pods. It is no coincidence, for example, that the Didiesse Frog coffee machines and the Faber coffee machine feature the drip catcher, which is indispensable for smooth periodic and effective cleaning.

How to clean coffee machine: soap and water

Let’s start by giving a tip that may seem trivial on the surface, but it is not when we talk about how to clean coffee machine. Before proceeding with cleaning the coffee machines, it is essential to turn them off. And clearly, wait for them to cool down. Done? Good. Now you can remove the limestone filter and water tank. Proceed with washing all parts that can be easily disassembled and rinse under running water. For greater effectiveness, adopt a soft-bristled brush at this stage.

After washing all components under water and removing any residual coffee present, wipe the affected parts with a dry cloth. That done, you can also proceed with cleaning the coffee machine. Remember not to use harsh degreasing products, at most a little Marseille soap previously dissolved in warm water. To make the outside of the machine shiny and glossy, soak the cloth in water and then wring it out thoroughly before wiping it over the entire surface. Done? Dry and put all the pieces back in place.

Here’s how to descale your coffee machine

How to descale the coffee machine is an important thing to know. In fact, pod and capsule coffee machines accumulate a lot of limescale. Therefore, it is advisable to use a descaling product to solve this problem. There is no doubt that the periodicity of descaling is also closely related to the hardness of the water supplied within your home.

There are several methods to best descale coffee machines, with anti-scale tablets or natural methods, also known as grandmother’s methods. Let’s look at them in detail.

Descaling tablets, goodbye limescale

The use of tablet descaler is the best alternative to DIY. In this case, simply dissolve one tablet in warm water and pour the resulting mixture inside the tank. Now turn on the machine and proceed to dispense water and drain two large cups of water. Repeat this every 10 minutes and fill two large cups. Proceed until the solution is completely exhausted inside the tank.

When the procedure is finished, take out the tank, wash it and fill it with water. After placing it back on the machine, proceed again with 4-5 dispensing at two-minute intervals. This time, too, it will be necessary to empty all the water in the tank again. This will help flush and clean all internal circuits.

Eliminate limescale with natural methods

When opting for DIY, it is advisable to inquire about the limescale remover to be used, although with homemade solutions there are no particular risks. In general, citric acid or vinegar is used to best descale the coffee machine.

  • 180 g of citric acid dissolved in one liter of water. This is the first solution to get rid of limescale not only from vending machines but also from washing machines, dishwashers, and irons. Pour the solution into the tank of the machine and dispense water for about 20 seconds. Turn it off and repeat the operation every 15 minutes until the water inside the tank itself is exhausted. At the end of the process, rinse the tank. Recover already used pods or capsules to remove all citric acid residue present.
  • A second option on how to clean coffee machine is as follows: a liter of vinegar and a container. These are the indispensable elements for descaling the coffee machine naturally. Place the container under the filters of the coffee machine (where you generally put the cups). Empty the water basin and pour half a liter of pure vinegar into it. At this point you can turn on your machine and get the vinegar out. A final run with warm water, possibly distilled, is ideal for rinsing the circuits and removing possible vinegar residue.

One more piece of advice. Do not use baking soda as a descaler.

Prevent the formation of limescale

Limescale forms over time mostly due to water hardness. This can clearly be a factor in damaging the machine, also affecting the taste of the coffee brewed. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to prevent it by using substances that soften the water without altering the chemical and physical properties of the water.

This everything you need to know about how to clean coffee machine. We hope our advice will be helpful to you.

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