Pop Coffee pods and capsules: moments of intense pleasure

Pop Coffee pods and capsules: moments of intense pleasure, Saida Gusto Espresso


Pop Coffee’s compatible pods and capsules have arrived on our e-shop!

Pop Caffè is a young coffee roasting company established in Sicily about 20 years ago. Equipped with all the necessary machinery for the production of pods and capsules, it specializes in creating coffee blends with unmistakable flavors, for simple and refined coffee that encompasses all the aromas of true Sicilian espresso.

There are four coffee blends available and always able to offer you the right solution for every moment of the day, according to your taste:

Intenso Blend: created through the judicious combination of coffees from South Central Asia; slow roasting gives it a vigorous, bold flavor, a lingering chocolatey aftertaste and hints of roasted nuts. It is the ideal blend to have a true Italian espresso in your cup.

Creamy Blend: created from the perfect combination of Southeast Asian coffees (lively flavor and dense aromas) and Brazilian Arabicas (smooth, energetic, and consistent). The medium roast provides this blend with a delicacy that makes it unique. For real espresso coffee perfect for all the break times of your day.

Arabica Blend: This blend comes from a meticulous selection of the best Arabica from Central South America (with a liquor-like, suave taste and hints of chocolate) and robusta from Central South Asia (with a definite, spicy taste). For aromatic and harmonious espresso coffee for true connoisseurs.

Decisive Blend: strong and consistent blend with the aroma and liveliness typical of Central American robusta beans, but at the same time creamy due to the presence in this blend of 10% Arabica beans.

Deca: is the result of expert blending of sweet Central American Arabicas decaffeinated by natural water method. It is balanced by fine decaffeinated Indian coffees to provide a thick, spicy, and sweet-tasting decaffeinated espresso.

Each blend of Pop Coffee , expertly created to have an ideal espresso in your cup at any time of day, is available in ESE 44 pods or in capsules compatible with the most popular coffee machine systems. These include: Lavazza a Modo Mio , Lavazza Espresso Point , Bialetti , Nespresso , Nescafè Dolce Gusto , Uno System , Aroma Vero and Fior Fiore Coop , Mitaca, Caffitaly .

Each wafer or capsule is packaged in an environmentally friendly way by using biodegradable and eco-friendly products in the processing of the raw material.

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