The espresso machine: brief history and how to choose it

The espresso machine: brief history and how to choose it, Saida Gusto Espresso


When was the espresso machine born?

Exactly around the nineteenth century,and more precisely towards the end, when the person who wanted to change the world of catering was a Tuscan entrepreneur who answered to the name of Moriondo: the man can in fact be considered an innovator, since the idea for the creation of the espresso machine started with him.

The Moriondo model.

The very first espresso machine was obviously not like today’s: the technology, if it can be called that, was there but of course not at the levels of today.

Moriondo’s technology involves allowing boiling water to flow from the dispenser to the coffee filter and into the cups where the beverage was to be consumed, and all of this passage was done through a series of small tubes.

With an unmistakable flavor then, Moriondo became famous throughout Italy, precisely because he created the machine that was as useful as it was exclusive, which allowed people to be able to enjoy this new version of coffee.

The espresso machine: brief history and how to choose it, Saida Gusto Espresso

Moriondo’s successors.

While there was plenty of fame, the rewards for Moriondo were not very high: if we add the fact that the hotelier later did not patent the model, it was much easier for his successors to claim to be the creators of such an espresso machine.

The one who decided to patent the espresso machine was Bezzera, who made several changes and above all succeeded in making better that first rudimentary model that caused such a stir.

Pavoni and Gaggia then also made many changes and succeeded in transforming the espresso machine from an exclusive item in restaurants to an item in every home.

The new era and how to choose the espresso machine.

The new era of the espresso machine is represented by technological development: in fact, from the late 1990s until today, more and more models of espresso machines have been produced which differ from each other even in simple features.

Aromas, functions, speed-these are the various features that make the various models different, allowing people to be able to make the choice regarding the purchase of these machines.
But how can the choice be made?

Effectively, it should be taken according to one’s needs: for example, if one wants to try different types of coffee aroma, it would be better to opt for a machine that can make the aroma always different and particular.

If, on the other hand, coffee is seen as a simple beverage, a classic espresso machine, without too many functions, will suffice: colors and shapes then represent features that contribute to what will be the final choice regarding its purchase.

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