Types of craft beer

Types of craft beer, Saida Gusto Espresso

Here are the main types of craft beer you can find

Almost everyone drinks or has had a beer at least once and knows its characteristics: a color ranging from yellow to red/black (depending on whether it is a blonde, red, or brown ale), a full-bodied and aromatic flavor, and a varying alcohol content usually ranging from 3° to over 10°.
But ideas are often not so clear when it comes to identifying the type of beer in front of us, especially if it is a
craft beer
. So let’s see what are the main types of craft beers that we can find on the market or simply when we go to a pub or club.

Craft beer: what is it

It is defined as
craft beer
beer produced by small independent breweries and not subjected, during the production phase, to pasteurization and microfiltration processes that separate yeast deposits from its liquid part. This causes craft beers, compared to industrial beers, to have a fuller and stronger body and aroma.

Types of craft beer, Saida Gusto Espresso

Craft beers: types

When discussing types of craft beers, the first thing to keep in mind is that the first macro classification is made according to the type of fermentation, so depending on this criterion there are:

  • High-fermentation beers

  • Bottom-fermented beers

  • Spontaneously fermented beers

The adjectives “high” and “low” refer to the temperature used during the fermentation phase, while spontaneous fermentation is a process that uses yeasts and bacteria found in the air.

Types of top-fermented craft beers

IPA (Indian Pale Ale)
: A beer with a strong, bitter, sometimes fruity flavor due to the extensive use of hops during its making, with an average alcohol content around 5.5°. Punk IPA is one of the most famous beers belonging to this category.

APA (Pale Ale)
: Based on the origin of hops, malts and yeasts, it is differentiated into English Pale Ale or American Pale Ale. These are moderately bitter, light and fresh beers with a medium/light body and an alcohol content between 4° and 6°.

Porter: English beer with a very dark color and low alcohol content (between 4° and 5°). It has a roasted malt or coffee aroma, low carbonation and medium body.

Weisse (Weizen): A German wheat beer with a golden color and clean aroma, around 6° and in which citrus and herbal aromas are often detected.

Blanche (Witbier)
: Belgian beer on 4/5°, brewed with wheat, barley and oats. It is, as the name suggests, very light yellow in color, and is often flavored with citrus and spices.

Saison: This is a beer between 5° and 7°, of Belgian origin that later spread to France. Refreshing and thirst quenching, pronounced hopiness and bitterness, spicy odor due to the use of various citrus fruits. Its name comes from the fact that it was produced in winter to be consumed by farmers during the summer period.

Types of craft beer, Saida Gusto Espresso

Types of bottom-fermented craft beers

Lager: German-brewed beers with a light color and alcohol volume between 4° and 6°, characterized by a consistent foam, a malt and hop flavor, and marked carbonation.

Pilsner (Pils)
: The name comes from the city of origin, namely Plzen in the Czech Republic. It is marked by a golden yellow color, a white, full-bodied foam, and an alcohol content between 4° and 5.5°.

Helles: A clean, golden-colored type of German lager beer with limited bitterness and a mild taste with a subtle spicy hopiness. The alcohol content usually ranges from 4.5° to 5.5°.

Bock: German pale ale with an alcohol content between 6° and 7°, characterized by medium body, malt aroma, and color ranging from golden yellow to coppery.

Types of spontaneously fermented beers

Lambic: Sour, thirst-quenching beer, ranging from 4° to 6°. It usually has a very light color and little foam; sometimes it can be fruity (as in the case of Frambozen in which raspberries are used).

Gose: German beer that is quite sour due to the addition of lactic acid bacteria. A distinctive feature of it is its savory taste due to the use of salt and particularly mineral-laden water.

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